SOKKS® Question and Answers

Can a SOKKS™ dog still find large amounts of explosives and drugs? Why is that possible

SOKKS® dogs will find large quantities. Currently the largest find for an explosive K-9 trained on SOKKS® is over 500 pounds and up to 15 pounds of drugs. The reason is that the SOKKS® K-9 is trained to prosecute isolated molecules of the target odor, not the entire molecular scent spectrum of each individual explosive or drug. That means that even when there is a total presence of hundreds of pounds of substance, the actual portion of the target that exudes the PURE odor is usually less than half of the total substance. Since we are no longer forcing the K-9 to find all the odors of the target substance (including contaminants) the large quantity question becomes much less difficult to train for. SOKKS® K-9’s can be exposed to large quantities if you have the opportunity to do so.

How many different odours are there?

How many different SOKKS® odours are there?

There is a SOKKS-MPTS® training aid for the following odours: Drugs, Explosives, Currency, Arson, Cadaver, Bed Bug and Mold. Each SOKKS® Training Aid contains particles of the actual target odour. A proprietary product developed by the brilliant Prof.Dr. Wolf Kafka. You can have a special odour developed on request

SOKKS® Drugs What odours are in a SOKKS® Drug Tube and what will my dog be able to find?

SOKKS®-Drugs™ will condition the dog to find:

• Cocaine and Crack Cocaine
• Heroin
• Morphine and Opium Derivatives
• Hashish and Marijuana
• Amphetamine based drugs, LSD and Ecstasy
• Meth- and Crytalmethamphetime
It has also been proven successful on kronic

SOKKS® Explosives - What odours is the dog trained to detect and what odurs are in one SOKKS® tube?

SOKKS®-Explosives™ will condition the K-9 to find all military and commercial explosives. Dogs have been tested on:
• Ammonia-Gel
• Ammonia-Nitrate
• Hexogen (RDX)
• All Dynamites
• Various Watergels
• Oktogen (HMX)
• Smokeless Powder
• Blackpowder
• Various Chlorates
• Nitropenta (PETN)
• Nitro-Cellulose (NC)
• Handgrenades, weapons, artillery shells, etc. • and many more including TATP and HMTD

How do I order SOKKS® and what do I get?

SOKKS® comes in a bottle of 200 tubes. You order your required odour. For example if you order SOKKS® Explosives you will get 200 tubes which contains every odour to train dogs to detect Explosives listed here.   This product has a 3 year shelf life if kept in ideal conditions and not contaminated. you can go here for pricing and ordering. We ship globally.

What are the storage requirements? Do I need a safe or a bunker

If you have a dark and cool place, you can store SOKKS®. SOKKS® Tubes stored properly has a shelf life of 3 years. Training aids should be stored in the original container in a dark, cool place. SOKKS® should not be frozen, nor should it be exposed to bright light and high temperatures for long periods of time.

Can I still train with conventional "real" training aids or pseudo?

“Real”, or conventional training aids, can be used for certification purposes. If the SOKKS® trained K-9 is repeatedly exposed to these old training aids, the dog will become conditioned to locate the inherent contaminants in these aids. There is no need for handlers to even have access to old training aids.

But what about the DEA and ATF or other Regulations?

The SOKKS® system is exempt from all DEA and ATF regulations for training aids. That means no investigations in case of loss, no logs to keep, no need to weigh training aids, no safes or bunkers, and no need for armed guards. No other real odour training system enjoys these exemptions.

What if my dog swallows a SOKKS® tube training aid?

A SOKKS® tube is completely non-toxic. It is absolutely safe for both the handler and the dog. If your dog swallows a training aid, he is still in some danger of intestinal injury and should be seen by a veterinarian. Normally it should pass without any trouble.

How long does 1 SOKKS® Tube last

Each SOKKS® tube can be used up to ten times, allowing you to do up to 2000 trials per bottle of SOKKS®. Once the training aid has been used ten times, it is replaced with a new aid. Having this many training aids per dog allows you to take obviously contaminated training aids out of service immediately and still be able to train without having to wait weeks for a replacement. This is keeping in mind that your tubes are kept in a reasonable condition.

What is the cost for SOKKS™? What about technical support?

SOKKS® is the most value for money method of training detector dogs on the market. The sets include all the material to allow you to start training immediately when you receive your training aids. We are committed to follow on support for its products and we are available via phone or email should you have any questions. SOKKS® does not require you to change the manner in which you train the K-9, it merely replaces the training aids. Detailed, easy to understand, user instructions are included with each set. Costs are on the website.

What about legal issues? Will this be acceptable in court?

SOKKS® K-9’s are trained on pure odour. We believe that in short order judicial notice will be taken of SOKKS®. Each dog can still be certified using current state standards by using real products. However, since SOKKS® uses the PURE ODOR of for example REAL DRUG all current court decisions regarding the validity of training with real substances still apply.

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