SOKKS-MPTS® a wonderful and premium product for Detection Dog Training

SOKKS -MPTS® is a conditioning material and is distinguished by:


  • Extremely low concentration
  • Extremely low contaminant (no wasting of training places)
  • Extremely high purity (reducing incorrect conditioning)
  • Tooth friendly, olfactory inert odour carriers.
  • Extremely high chemical stability (reference material, valid for 3 years)
  • No handling regulations (no problems when lost)
  • Time saving multi component conditioning

SOKKS- MPTS® – Micro Particle Training Systems is developed for the use in detection dog training

SOKKS-MPTS® training aids are NOT PSEUDO! It is PURE ODOR in minute quantities. Your dog will still detect larger quantities, only now he will be surer and faster in his response with increased drive and desire.

SOKKS-MPTS® The K9 Centre and www.sokksdogtraining.com is the exclusive WORLDWIDE distributor.

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