SOKKS Detection Dog Training Aids

SOKKS Conditioning Material is distinguished by:

  • Extremely Low Concentration
  • No Contamination. The tubes do not leave residue or traces at locations where they are laid.
  • Extremely high purity (reducing incorrect conditioning)
  • Tooth friendly, olfactory inert odor carriers
  • Extremely high chemical stability (reference material, valid for 3 years+)
  • No handling regulations (no problems when lost)
  • Time saving multi component conditioning.

SOKKS Detection Dog Training Aids


  • SOKKS-MPTS = SOKKS  Micro Particle Training Systems
  • A SOKKS®-MPTS tube contains all micro particles necessary for each specialty (all the drugs, all explosives, all types of bodies etc …)
  • Each tube contains the necessary odour spectrum needed to condition the dog to that odour
  • If you are still not sure how the system works please call us for further clarification.
  • USE a SOKKS®-MPTS tube can be used on average 10 times. The tubes do not leave residues or traces at locations where they are laid.

  • Transportation of SOKKS®-MPTS tubes are not subject to special regulations for use or transport. No specific provisions, no paperwork.

SOKKS Detection Dog Training Aids


  • Highest purity of active odors on olfactory inert carriers (no pseudo!),
  • Lowest source load concentrations (nano-microgram)
  • Highly chemical stability, long lasting reference odor sources (important for detection of e.g. corps, persons, food) reproducible conditioning
  • Lowest contamination of the training areas
  • Not dangerous or hazardous for dogs, humans and environment
  • No costs for storage
  • Conditioning (no conditioning to single compound necessary)
  • Reinforcing conditioning by application of ”used” material
  • Rendering high sensitivity and selectivity in source detection
  • No “failure” conditioning

SOKKS®-MPTS Scent Detection Dog Training Aids
SOKKS Dog Training
sokks police drug dog training aids

SOKKS® Conditioning Systems (SOKKS®-MPTS) is developed for detection dogs, to condition them for the selective recognition of odors and detection of odor sources.

SOKKS® is the result of scientific research that uses only real microparticles (no synthetic microparticles). SOKKS®-MPTS is intended to support canine police, military or private use.

SOKKS®  tubes are tubes onto which specific microparticles from real active materials are grafted. This choice of microparticles and their quantities has been carefully studied by scientists.

SOKKS®  training aids are NOT PSEUDO! It is PURE ODOR in minute quantities. Your dog will still detect larger quantities, only now he will be surer and faster in his response with increased drive and desire.

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SOKKS Dog Training Aids
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