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SOKKS Scent Detection Dog Training AId Shipped WORLD WIDE


SOKKS K9 Scent Detection Dog Training Aids - PURE ODOUR PRODUCts


"There is a science behind olfaction, not a guru"

SOKKS® Micro Particle Systems (SOKKS® MPTS)

SOKKS Odor source detection conditioning The Basic Concept

SOKKS® Micro Particle Systems (SOKKS® MPTS) is developed to selectively detect and localize odor-releasing objects by olfactory mediated conditioned animals, especially canines. It is based on scientific research. Its application is exclusively directed to support military, police and else equivalent certified taskforces.

Combining the advantages of extreme low and pure source loads (no pseudo) – even as mixtures – the development of the SOKKS®-Micro-Particle System settles the tasks long been pretended for safe, ergonomic, economic especially well-defined and well reproducible animal odor source detection conditioning.

Developed in 1997, SOKKS® Micro-Particle Conditioning System has meanwhile gained a world-wide application standard to detect sources of explosives, arsons, narcotics, lost persons and corps and paper money.

The SOKKS ® Micro Particle system is suited for conditioning on almost all odorous products.

Avoid any conditioning by using pseudos!

For example:

Even if a pseudo compound might smell like an explosive it is not an explosive. A dog trained by pseudos might cause an airport closure!!!

Always use the odors deriving from the active ingredients e.g. TNT, Hexogen, …

Phlegmatics do not belong to active ingredients.

sokks tubes for k9 detection training
SOKKS Dog Training
SOKKS Detection Dog Training Tubes

SOKKS® - Real K9 Training Aids

  • Drugs, Narcotics
  • Cadaver, Lost Persons, Corps, Human Blood,+ opt Sperm
  • Paper money (€, CHF, US$)
  • Arson  (Fire accelerators)
  • Cell-phones
  • Human characteristics
  • Bed Bugs
  • Termites
  • Mercury (Gold Mining)
  • CITES species protection: Ivory, reptiles, birds…
  • Graffiti – Paint
  • Special Odours –  nearly any else volatile compound

SOKKS® Conditioning Systems (SOKKS®-MPTS) is developed for detection dogs, to condition them for the selective recognition of odors and detection of odor sources.

SOKKS® is the result of scientific research that uses only real micro particles (no synthetic micro particles). SOKKS®-MPTS is intended to support canine police, military or private use.

SOKKS® tubes are tubes onto which specific micro particles from real active materials are grafted. This choice of microparticles and their quantities has been carefully studied by scientists.

SOKKS® training aids are NOT PSEUDO! It is PURE ODOR in minute quantities. Your dog will still detect larger quantities, only now he will be surer and faster in his response with increased drive and desire.


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