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SOKKS K9 Scent Detection Dog Training Aids - PURE ODOUR PRODUCts

Bologna, The infallible flair of the municipal dogs. 8 kilos of drugs seized!

Police Dogs for The Detection of Drugs are all trained using SOKKS

POLICE DOGS – Vasco, Anubi, Axel, Apache and Gray After a ten-year career, the dogs retire and remain in the home of their human “colleague” Bologna, February 10th 2018 – Vasco, Anubi, Axel, Apache and Gray: these are the five dogs of the municipal police dog core who, only in 2017, have discovered more than […]

SOKKS in Brazil

Um novo método criado na Alemanha foi apresentado em Passo Fundo ao longo da semana em um treinamento que contou com a participação da Polícia Civil, Corpo de Bombeiros e Brigada Militar. O SOKKS é um método que utiliza micropartículas para o treinamento de cães de faro. Segundo o agente federal Ribamar Pereira, responsável por […]

SOKKS Trained Drug Dog in Paris has recieved Bronze Medal

Drug Dog trained on SOKKS

medal of courage to Pacha A Special medal of courage to Pacha, a police dog that Paris felt deserved an honor, usually reserved for Human colleagues. With his nose Pacha detected a seizure of one ton of drugs last  April. Today, the dog proudly received a bronze medal, just like a regular cop,”for acts of courage […]

Police dogs are trained to be experts in explosives detection (English Version)

The traditional method of conditioning dogs to odour is gone. Now with SOKKS-MPTS conditioning is done via tubes containing  microparticles of multiple odors. An innovative formula initially used to train the dogs of Specialized European Police Groups to increase their capabilities in the fight against organized crime with search  dogs.  It is done through a molecularcapsules […]

Congratulations Bruno and Booggy – French Police

Police Dog Boogy

Congratulations Bruno and Booggy – French Police Bruno and his SOKKS Drug conditioned dog Booggy where awarded as team of the year 2010! His dog detected 6,5 kg amphetamine whilst another Drug dog (not conditioned on SOKKS) did not. Dear Bruno,You make me too happy. This is an excellent show for both the quality of […]


SOKKS Dog Training Aids

Welcome to The SOKKS® Dog Training Site Here you will find updated news about all SOKKS-MPTS® products. Because SOKKS is used by agencies world wide some posts may be in another language other than English. There is a translate button on the bottom or right of the page. CONTACT USABOUT SOKKS-MPTS If unanswered, Please leave […]