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SOKKS ®- ARSON K9 Scent Detection Training Aid

SOKKS Scent Detection Dog Training Aids - PURE ODOUR PRODUCts


Arson Detection Dog Training

SOKKS-MPTS® Accelerant will assist you to train your canine to detect all accelerants. It has been proven extensively in Germany and the results can be verified. If your fire investigation unit is considering deploying a canine as part of the investigation team we recommend SOKKS-ARSON as the ideal conditioner.

  • 1.1 Ethanol 78
  • 1.2 Isopropanol 82
  • 2.1 Acetone 56
  • 2.2 Methyl Ethyl Ketone 80
  • 3.1 Ethyl Acetate 77
  • 3.2 Butyl Acetate 127
  • 4.1 Butyl Glycol 171
  • 5.1 Hexene 69
  • 5.2 Cyclohexene 80
  • 5.3 Toluene 110
  • 5.4 Xylol-Mixture 140
  • 6.1 Petrol 40-200
  • 6.2 Candlelight Oil 130-280
  • 6.3 Gas Oil 160-360
  • 6.4 Spirit 78

(numbers represent vapor pressure)


What is SOKKS

SOKKS-MPTS® Arson is completely harmless and requires no special handling, storage or requirements, you just need to be careful about cross-contamination as you would with any training scent. You can carry this training aid safely on you and train anywhere anytime, without leaving residual odour. SOKKS-MPTS® Arson can be planted and left in place without posting a guard, as it is completely safe to handle and poses no risk in case of accidental ingestion.

SOKKS-MPTS® Arson follows the same principle as the explosives system, with one exception. Whilst target odor is presented in its pure form, this system combines several odors in one training aid. Extensive research has shown that training the dog on all target odours each time is beneficial to the overall ability of the dog. This “combined” method of training has become the standard of all police, military stations and airports in Austria.

SOKKS® Arson is completely harmless and requires no special handling or storage apart from the normal cross-contamination considerations. You can carry the training aids in the field and any time your schedule allows, without leaving residual odour (especially important when asking members of the public to carry a training aid). SOKKS® Arson can be planted and left in place without posting a guard as it is completely safe to handle and poses no risk in case of accidental ingestion.

SOKKS® Arson is NOT PSEUDO! It is PURE ODOR in minute quantities. Your dog will still detect larger quantities, only now he will be surer and faster in his response with increased drive and desire.

SOKKS is the world’s first suite of Pure Odour Scent Kits scientifically developed for the training of K9’s in the detection of Arson

Storage Requirements for SOKKS

If you have a dark and cool place, you can store SOKKS. SOKKS Tubes stored properly have a shelf life of 3 years. Training aids should be stored in the original container in a dark, cool place. SOKKS should not be frozen, nor should it be exposed to bright light and high temperatures for long periods of time.

A SOKKS tube is completely non-toxic. It is absolutely safe for both the handler and the dog. If your dog swallows a training aid, he is still in some danger of intestinal injury and should be seen by a veterinarian. Normally it should pass without any trouble.

SOKKS K-9’s are trained on pure odor. We believe that in short order judicial notice will be taken of SOKKS. Each dog can still be certified using current state standards by using real products. However, since SOKKS uses the PURE ODOR of for example REAL Arson all current court decisions regarding the validity of training with real substances still apply.

SOKKS Fire Arson
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