SOKKS-MPTS® Explosives

SOKKS-MPTS® Explosives will condition the dog to detect even the smallest amount of explosive,
either military, commercial or home made including SEMTEX, HMTD and TATP. Dogs trained with SOKKS-MPTS™ Explosives can find explosives that elude even the most advanced detection equipment that is currently in use at many airports. SOKKS-MPTS™ Explosives trained dogs have been tested on and have detected:

Examples of primary high explosives are:

  • Ammonia- Gel
  • Ammonia-Nitrate
  • Hexogen (RDX)
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Potassium Nitrate
  • Sodium Chlorate
  • Nitro-Glycerine
  • Nitro-Cellulose
  • TNT
  • ALL Dynamites
  • Water Gels
  • Oktogen (HMX)
  • Smokeless Powder
  • Black Powder
  • Gun Powder
  • Chlorates
  • PETN = Nitropenta
  • TATP
  • HMTD

SOKKS-MPTS™ Explosives first entered service with the Austrian Police and has since become the standard in detector dog training for the police forces. Using SOKKS™ you will not need licences, bunkers, special containers and vehicles for the possession, transportation and storage of explosives. Due to its unique manufacturing, SOKKS-MPTS™ Explosives is completely harmless and can be carried in the field by each handler and simply stored in the office. You can train anywhere, anytime since there is absolutely no risk of fire or explosion. Even a lost training aid is useless to anyone that finds it as it is impossible to reverse the process and extract the explosives molecules

SOKKS Explosives Detection Dog Training Aid
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