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SOKKS CADAVER – 100 Tubes per Bottle

AUD $1,440.00
SOKKS CADAVER - 100 Tubes per Bottle
SOKKS CADAVER - 100 Tubes per Bottle

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SOKKS CADAVER – 100 Tubes per Bottle

AUD $1,440.00
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SOKKS-MPTS® Cadaver Scent Detection will aid you in training your K9 to detect both living or deceased humans and human blood. SOKKS-Cadaver will enable your dog to detect humans at all stages of decomposition in both land and water searches.


SOKKS Drugs is NOT PSEUDO! It is PURE ODOR in minute quantities. When trained with SOKKS, Your dog will detect larger quantities, only now he will be surer and faster in his response with increased drive and desire. SOKKS is the world’s first suite of Pure Odor Scent Kits scientifically developed for the training of K9’s in the detection of Drugs

SOKKS Drug Scent Detection Training Aid should be stored in a cool, dark place, tubes stored properly have a shelf life of 3 years. SOKKS should not be frozen, nor should it be exposed to bright light or high temperatures for long periods of time. SOKKS scent detection tubes are completely non-toxic and completely safe for both the handler and the dog.

Small Bottle of SOKKS K9 Scentre Detection Training Aid
Small Bottle of SOKKS K9 Scent Detection Training Aid



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