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SOKKS Explosives – 100 Tubes per Bottle

AUD $1,440.00
SOKKS Explosives - 100 Tubes per Bottle
SOKKS Explosives - 100 Tubes per Bottle

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SOKKS Explosives – 100 Tubes per Bottle

AUD $1,440.00
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  • Description

When you train using SOKKS-MPTS® Explosives your K9 will be able to detect even the smallest trace of explosives, including SEMTEX, HMTD and TATP. Dogs trained with SOKKS-MPTS™ Explosives can find explosives that elude even the most advanced detection equipment that is currently used at many airports. Each tube is a contains of the following scents.

    • Ammonia- Gel
    • Ammonia-Nitrate
    • Hexogen (RDX)
    • Potassium Chloride
    • Potassium Nitrate
    • Sodium Chlorate
    • Nitro-Glycerine
    • Nitro-Cellulose
    • TNT
    • ALL Dynamites
    • Water Gels
    • Oktogen (HMX)
    • Smokeless Powder
    • Black Powder
    • Gun Powder
    • Chlorates
    • PETN = Nitropenta
    • TATP
    • HMTD


SOKKS-MPTS® Explosives were first used by the Austrian Police and has since become the standard in detector dog training for the police forces.

SOKKS-MPTS® Explosives should be stored in a cool, dark place, tubes stored properly have a shelf life of 3 years. SOKKS should not be frozen, exposed to bright light or high temperatures for long periods of time. SOKKS scent detection tubes are completely non-toxic and completely safe for both the handler and the dog.

Small Bottle of SOKKS K9 Scentre Detection Training Aid
Small Bottle of SOKKS K9 Scent Detection Training Aid



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